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Copper Sweater Pumpkin

Copper Sweater Pumpkin

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This large cozy copper pumpkin it truly a show-stopper....and ONE-OF-A-KIND! It measures appx. 13"across and 9" high and is topped with lush wool felt flowers and glittery berries.

**Felt Care: Each flower is very durable, so feel free to clean and reshape as needed. If flowers get moist or wet, let air dry. Storing in a closed plastic container is recommended. All custom orders are uniquely crafted for each customer, so all personalized orders will be final upon payment. Yours is a unique, one-of-a-kind arrangement. Felt colors are shown as accurately as possible, but please keep in mind that monitor colors vary.

White pumpkin: White Cashmere Pumpkin – madymae (

Tan pumpkin: Cozy Sweater Pumpkin – madymae (

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